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If you die without making a Will your estate will not necessarily pass on to whom you want.


Will Writing

Wills are not just for passing on your estate. They can be used for Inheritance Tax planning, appointing Guardians for children, passing on businesses, protecting assets from care costs etc.


Long Term Care

Steps can be taken to protect assets from being sold to pay for long term care fees.


Lasting Power of Attorney

If you have mental incapacity no one (including spouses and close family) has automatic rights to take over your affairs.


Business Succession

If you are a owner of a business will it continue after your death?


Inheritance Tax

How do you reduce the impact of inheritance tax?


Document Storage

Do you and your family know where your Wills are kept?


Probate &
Estate Administration

Do you need help in administering an estate?


Probate and Estate Administration

I provide probate and estate administration services via my company Moneta Probate Ltd. Moneta Probate Ltd has £2m Professional Indemnity Insurance arranged through the Institute of Professional Willwriters.

Many executors faced with the responsibility of dealing with probate and its complex legal, financial and tax consequences find the process daunting and complicated.

Coping with the death of a loved one is a time of great sadness and distress for those left behind. Moneta Probate Ltd. offers professional advice regarding all aspects of probate and can provide practical support at a difficult time.

Probate is the legal process by which a court gives authority to a person to deal the property of someone who has died leaving a Will or, where there is no Will, determines who will deal with and inherit the estate.

The Moneta Probate team has considerable experience in dealing with all aspects of probate and estate administration. We ensure that probate is granted efficiently, assets are distributed quickly and trusts are handled effectively. Moneta Probate will relieve you of the stress involved and manage work of administration on your behalf.

Our Commitment:

  • We visit you without any commitment on your part.
  • We provide a personalised, friendly service and keep you completely informed of progress.
  • We specialise in probate, so you benefit from our expert knowledge and experience.

As part of our comprehensive probate service, we will:

  • Take on all the responsibilities of the executors.
  • Contact all asset holders and creditors.
  • Prepare schedules of assets and valuations.
  • Prepare documentation for the Probate Office.
  • Calculate and settle any Inheritance Tax due.
  • Help make the application for the Grant of Probate.
  • Collect in all the assets.
  • Handle the sale of any properties.
  • Finalise the tax affairs of the deceased
  • Produce draft accounts for the estate.
  • Complete all relevant Government tax forms.
  • Place advertisements for potential claimants.
  • Advise beneficiaries of legacies and bequests.
  • Distribute the estate as defined in the Will.
  • Produce final accounts and close the estate

You don’t have to have had your Wills drafted by me or one of my colleagues. If you’d like to know more about this service please use the Contact Me page.