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If you die without making a Will your estate will not necessarily pass on to whom you want.


Will Writing

Wills are not just for passing on your estate. They can be used for Inheritance Tax planning, appointing Guardians for children, passing on businesses, protecting assets from care costs etc.


Long Term Care

Steps can be taken to protect assets from being sold to pay for long term care fees.


Lasting Power of Attorney

If you have mental incapacity no one (including spouses and close family) has automatic rights to take over your affairs.


Business Succession

If you are a owner of a business will it continue after your death?


Inheritance Tax

How do you reduce the impact of inheritance tax?


Document Storage

Do you and your family know where your Wills are kept?


Probate &
Estate Administration

Do you need help in administering an estate?


About the Moneta Partnership Ltd

The Moneta Partnership Ltd was established in 2005 by eight inheritance specialists (including me) working for a franchise company. We thought there was a more professional approach that could be brought to the way we worked. After finding a specialist Will writer to draft our documents for us the company was formed.

will writers, The Moneta Partnership Ltd

One of the first actions of the company was to join The Institute of Professional Willwriters (“IPW”) as we wanted to show our commitment to providing a professional service. In 2015 The Moneta Partnership Ltd gave up it's memebrship of the IPW and is now a member of the more prestigious Institute of Paralegals ("IoP") and all our consultants are Fellows of the Institute of Paralegals. Membership of the IoP means that our consultants have to undertake a minimum level of training each year for Continuous Professional Development. We also have to comply with the IoP’s Code of Conduct.

The Moneta Partnership Ltd provides its own in-house training for its consultants and also trains IFAs and others who the trade under their own name to take Will instructions. We also draft documents for other Will writers who are not Moneta Partnership Ltd consultants. We aim to provide annual training for our consultants (and others).

The Moneta Partnership Ltd supports the idea of regulation of Will writers and believes that with its membership of the IoP and our own training and high standards we will be at the forefront of the profession when and if regulation does come in.

The Moneta Partnership Ltd has two sister companies; Moneta Document Storage Ltd for the storage of paper documents and Moneta Probate Ltd for probate and estate administration.